Posted by: geonarcissa | May 26, 2009

Geocaching in the news makes me lol.

GPS receiver among recommended geocaching accessories

You don’t say…

Like most of the news stories I read about geocaching, this one is poorly researched, and clumsily written. This is one of the most lol-worthy headlines I’ve ever seen on the subject. The main text of the article needs a lot of help too, but the entire thing could be substantially improved if the headline said something more like “Geocachers use GPS receivers to find hidden treasure.” That’s still kind of lame, but it’s certainly more explanatory and accessible to readers who don’t know what geocaching is.

It’s great to see geocaching in the media, but I wish the people who write these articles (and the articles about bomb scares) would spend ten more minutes trying to understand the objective of geocaching – they never seem to get that it’s much more about the hunt than it is about the swag.



  1. I’m glad to hear it’s supposed to be more about the hunt. I’m yet to find the swag, though I live in hope!


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