Posted by: geonarcissa | May 28, 2009

Mini-rant about Moscow geocaching blurb.

Found this little mention of geocaching on a website about tourism in Moscow.

Sergey Smirnov and his friends prefer a calmer, but nonetheless interesting retreat. They play a game called geocaching. Essentially a form of treasure hunting – someone buries an item and uploads the GPS coordinates to a special website. Then a team of adventure seekers use their skills to find clues which eventually lead them to the hidden box. Sergey says the Moscow region offers a good space for his hobby.

“There are several thousand stashes for geocaching in Russia. More than 10% of them are located in the Moscow region. Geocaching seriously expands our knowledge of the region’s history. We see places we’ve never thought and known of,” he said.

There’s a small mistake in here – geocaches are rarely buried. This irks me because of the impression it could leave on non-geocachers who read this in passing. It gives land managers and policy-makers ammunition to argue against geocaching on public land. I know there are a small handful of geocaches out there that are buried, with permission, but they are very, very rare. Geocaches can be hidden in any number of ways, and geocachers are quite willing to comply with additional guidelines if it gives us access to more public space in which to play the sport.



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