Posted by: geonarcissa | May 30, 2009

Geocaching in the news makes me *sigh* and roll my eyes.

From the Los Angeles Daily News: The modern-day treasure hunters seek out prizes using clues transmitted from space.” The rest of the article isn’t too bad, albeit a little scattered and not particularly clear about what constitutes a geocache. Unfortunately, the lead in is just… wrong.

In the Holland Sentinel (Michigan), there’s a nice little article about using geocaching to attract people to local trails and historic sites. Unfortunately, like so many others, it lacks a clear description of what constitutes a  geocache. The treasure can be a small item, a tag with a number to enter on the Web site, or just the thrill of finding what is hidden.” Um, what?

This article from KSFY Action News in Sioux Falls is just a confusing mess.

Just when I thought no reporter would ever really “get it,” I ran across this article in the Osakis Review, from Osakis, Minnesota. It contains a simple explanation of what geocaching is, so any lay person reading the article can figure out what it is and how to get started. Bravo, Osakis Review!



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