Posted by: geonarcissa | May 30, 2009

Geonarcissa update.

Yesterday I was able to knock two more Binthairs off the to-do list. “What! Another Missing Link?” is one that Taoiseach and I attempted before my trip to BC, but ran into some problems (mostly because I can’t tell left from right). We started from the top yesterday and quickly had it in hand. The other was “Walk the Line East (Closer and Closer).” It’s similar to a Binthair cache I’d found previously, with a slight variation.

Today Taoiseach and I went out in the evening looking for “The Missing Link.” It’s a massive, multi-point tag hunt with a “missing” tag that calls for a calculation. We decided to call it quits part way through the search, because the sun was setting, we were 2km away from the car, my GPS had died, and I really didn’t want to haul my son all the way back in the dark. We’ll resume our search in the next few days. We did manage to grab a couple of traditionals on the way out. And a seriously creepy travel bug with a missing hand.

Next weekend I’ll be hitting the road for COG Spring Fling 5. Everyone really wants this to hit “mega” status, so if you’re planning to go and haven’t already posted a “will attend” log, get to it!

I’m getting plenty of hits to the blog, but not many comments. Don’t be shy! Say hello! Happy trails, everyone.



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