Posted by: geonarcissa | June 1, 2009

A good geocaching description.

I enjoyed the way geocaching is described in this piece from Review Messenger in Minnesota.

Modern-day treasure-hunting, or geocaching, is another outdoor activity that comes with a view, and it has become a hobby for many families. Geocaching is designed as a high-tech test of wiles, but can also be a physical test involving climbing steep hills. If so, seekers are warned of the difficult terrain.

To participate, people hide a “cache” and then put the coordinates and clues on a Web site, Other people go to the Web site, get the coordinates and, using their global positioning system (GPS), go outdoors to find the items. Whimsical themes and contents often are chosen by those installing a cache. For instance, one cache could have a smiley-face theme while another could be sports-oriented, and they would be named accordingly.

Caches can be placed overhead in tree branches, under logs, in crannies near historical markers, or wherever they will fit. Parks are popular sites, but there are urban caches, too. Some are as compact as a film canister and others are as spacious as a camping cooler. The containers are watertight so the contents don’t get soggy in the rain. After finding a cache, many geocachers go back to the Web site and leave feedback about the trek and experience.

Now, doesn’t that sound like fun? Of course, getting prizes from outer space would be awesome, but I think a lot of new geocachers would be pretty disappointed if they joined the game with that expectation.



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