Posted by: geonarcissa | June 19, 2009

Manitoulin and Bruce Trip – Misery Bay

I’m just blogging about my recent sojourn to Manitoulin Island and the Bruce Peninsula as inspiration strikes me.

One lovely spot we visited was Misery Bay Provincial Park, a bay of Lake Huron on Manitoulin Island. Misery Bay is home to a nice traditional cache, “Misery Loves Company (GCGJT8),” and the walk to the cache is a journey across a shoreline alvar ecosystem.

An alvar is a limestone plain with sparse soil and vegetation. Alvar ecosystems are interesting – the species found there are adapted to the abrupt changes in temperature and water availability that occur across the seasons. Our visit was well-timed, and we were able to see many species of wildflowers in full bloom, including some relatively rare ones like the Lakeside Daisy.

Here is a quick slideshow of some pictures I took during the walk to and from “Misery Loves Company” – a new favourite. Click the “Show Info” option to see the picture captions for explanations.



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