Posted by: geonarcissa | June 22, 2009

Oh no they didn’t.

The Cleburne Times-Review has decided to continue its baseless, insulting attack against geocachers.

They have yet to establish that the cemetery volunteers or the sheriff’s office actually have the authority to prohibit geocaching. They have yet to acknowledge that Texas has an open cemeteries law, or that Texas’s own historical society encourages scavenger hunts on cemetery property.

Geocachers need to take responsibility for their actions, but so does everyone else. Each one of us is responsible for our own feelings, and being offended when no offense was meant is a waste of time and energy.

Go give ’em what for, readers.

Edit: For whatever reason, my Google alerts didn’t pick up the other story they published on this. I’m still extremely displeased with the entire thing. So far, I haven’t seen anyone clarify who, if anyone, actually has the authority to allow or prohibit geocaching in these cemeteries. The fact that a caretaker finds it “distasteful” is hardly reason for the sheriff’s office to go around yanking geocaches from all the cemeteries.

I think we’ve established that geocachers mean no harm, act in a respectful manner, and appreciate the sites they visit. The attitude that it’s “distasteful” is not based on reality. I am extremely offended that certain individuals continue to project harmful intent onto the activity, when, in fact, the problem is that they just don’t understand the activity.

I want to find out more about the open cemeteries law in Texas and how it applies here.

Ugh. /rant off.



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