Posted by: geonarcissa | June 24, 2009

Other reactions to Cleburne Times-Review stupidity…

Some cachers are still discussing this topic over at the Groundspeak Forums, and beneath the news items. Please share your thoughts.

Geocaching in cemeteries is not done with disrespect. The individuals who still consider it disrespectful are choosing to interpret it this way despite ample evidence to the contary. It’s a point of view based on ignorance, and continued out of stubbornness.

These cemetery caretakers and the newspaper acting as their advocates may be doing serious damage to their relationship with their community. Geocaching is becoming more popular every day, and the longer they hold on to their asinine attitudes, the more they will alienate active members of their community that they could be enlisting to help achieve their goals.



  1. I live in the neighboring Hill County, TX and have at least 6 caches located in a Johnson County cemetery so I am watching the discussions with interest.
    Over the summer, I live in South Dakota so I am not available to visit any of the folks for awhile.
    While I place all my hides with the utmost of care, I do realize that some cemeteries are located on private property and the caretakers may not have the right to restrict access but they should have the right to limit our activities. Especially if those activities involve leaving items behind.
    So I’ll take a don’t ask don’t tell mentality for now.


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