Posted by: geonarcissa | June 30, 2009

A tiny vacation from geocaching.

This is a fresh take on geocaching in Cape Cod Today. I think any serious cacher can relate to this: “Local caches have brought me through all stages of stubbornness, denial, frustration, giving up and trying again.”

I’m going through a bit of the frustration phase myself, right now – I’m taking a mini-vacation from caching and The Binthair Challenge after encountering some difficulties in the field. We’re having a hot, humid, rainy, stormy week in Ottawa anyway, and it’s the peak of mosquito season, so not a terrible time to rest anyway. A couple days of no-caching and then some easy traditional finds should get me back on my game.

I spent part of yesterday out in the west end, nerding out at World of Maps and MEC. I bought two topo maps (different scales), a compass, and a SWEET pair of convertible cargo pants. I’ve wanted a pair of pants like this for a long time, and finally found the right pair.



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