Posted by: geonarcissa | July 2, 2009


Just put a few new pictures on Flickr. I’ve been using the “map” feature on Flickr to mark the location of most pictures (I won’t mark the specific locations for Binthair caches and other puzzles/multis). Click the picture below to get to my Photostream.

I used to have a premium membership to Flickr as part of the deal with my old ISP, and now I kinda miss it. I don’t know if I’m willing to pay for it, though.

Links to my latest pictures are always available on the right sidebar of the blog.



  1. Great set of photos you have.


  2. I pay for my pro account with Flickr and I think it’s totally worth it 🙂

    • Yeah, there are some neat features with the pro version. I think I might get a pro account in the Fall, when I’m back from my trip to Atlanta.


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