Posted by: geonarcissa | July 4, 2009

Hypernav – found!

Yesterday, Taoiseach and I finally found Hypernav (GCJ84D). This cache was much more difficult to find than it needed to be. Our first attempt, last week, had us in the right area, but off by a few hundred metres (according to phone-a-friend). I had accidently transposed some numbers, so I recalculated, and searched again. The nature of my solution had me convinced that my final coordinates would be in the ballpark, but not dead on, so I spent some time searching likely hiding spots all around my calculated GZ. No luck. Out again a couple of days later with Taoiseach, and an extended search of the area turned up nothing. Finally, on my fourth attempt (Taoiseach’s third), after comparing numbers with a couple of previous finders, we headed out one more time – and nearly tripped over the cache, right at the GZ.

Fourteen Binthair caches to go!



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