Posted by: geonarcissa | July 6, 2009

A great day of caching!

Yesterday, Taoiseach and I went out to find Four Tall Ones by Binthair (GCD2F3). This cache has been a source of frustration for about two weeks, but we finally had it all figured out. It was a beautiful day, and this time everything worked out just right. We had the cache in hand within minutes of arriving in the area.

After finding it, we went to a pub for celebratory libations and a leisurely lunch. Lately, our Binthair finds have involved irritating slogs, return trips, and persistent drizzle, but yesterday was a different story. Buoyed by the relative ease of this find, we turned a one-Binthair day into a caching trek that went well into the evening.

The greatest non-Binthair victory of the day was Canada’s First: John A. McDonald (GCBE6B), a puzzle cache with posted coordinates downtown at Parliament Hill, but a final coordinate some distance away. This cache has been on Taoiseach’s closest-to-home page for ages, so he was thrilled to finally get it done.

In total, I had 18 finds (Taoiseach, a few less – a few of my finds were repeats for him), and we ended the day dry, relatively clean, and cheerful. And not a single DNF! Now that’s a great caching day.



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