Posted by: geonarcissa | July 29, 2009

Third Earthcache published!

Woot! Behold, the Norwood Esker.

And yes, all three of my Earthcaches are eskers. What kind I say? They’re abundant around here, and they’re geologically significant! Despite the common topic, I write my cache information pages from scratch and create different educational activities for each one.

Now I can apply for my platinum pin. ūüėÄ



  1. I just got my bronze pin, but I won’t ever actually receive my silver pin because they aren’t sending them out for the bronze and silver levels anymore…sadness ūüė¶

  2. You’ll still be able to get Gold and Platinum pins, and I think they’ll still send you a decal for silver. Didn’t you do some Earthcaches on your road trip? It’s not that tricky to get the state/country requirement if you travel around the US from time to time.


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