Posted by: geonarcissa | August 16, 2009

Catching up…

We are back in Ontario now, resting and cleaning all the stuff out of the car.

My GPS is still MIA, but I am holding out hope that a call to the gas station where I lost it will yield results.

Here are some pictures from our brief stay in Charleston, South Carolina.

Atlanta Trip - Hunting Island, SC

We stopped at Hunting Island in SC to swim in the ocean. I got a Virtual and an Earthcache while I was there, too!

Atlanta Trip - Charleston, SC

I spotted this old plantation house near our campground in Charleston.

Atlanta Trip - Charleston, SC Street View

A view of a downtown Charleston street.

Atlanta Trip - Charleston, SC Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall, just outside of Charleston. From the website: "Drayton Hall is an artifact that has survived the American Revolution, the Civil War, the earthquake of 1886, hurricanes like Hugo, and maybe most surprisingly today, urban sprawl."

Atlanta Trip - Charleston, SC Drayton Hall

A view of some interior details of Drayton Hall. Unfurnished, the architecture and decorative details are the focus of tours.



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