Posted by: geonarcissa | August 28, 2009

Caching in Cemeteries – Guideline Change

Groundspeak has changed the Geocaching Guidelines to include cemeteries as potentially sensitive areas where geocaching may not be appropriate. Note that this is not a ban on geocaching in cemeteries, but you may find that reviewers will want more information from you before publishing one of these.

The guidelines now state:

For all physical caches and waypoints, think carefully about how your container and the actions of geocachers will be perceived by the public. Be respectful when considering cache and waypoint placements in areas which are highly sensitive to the extra traffic that would be caused by vehicles and humans (examples may include archaeological or historic sites or cemeteries).

I don’t imagine this will have much impact on caches in old cemeteries where new burials and regular visitors aren’t an issue, but if you’re planning to place a cache in any cemetery, be prepared to defend or change the placement.

IowaAdmin recently posted a blog entry about this issue.



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