Posted by: geonarcissa | August 30, 2009

GeocacheGeek on the South Carolina Ban

GeocacheGeek had a few words to say about the asinine ban on geocaching recently imposed by the South Carolina government.

You already bitch and whine about funding and services and now you take an entire group of people who love to be in parks and the outdoors, and pay parking fees to do so, and tell them that they (and their money) aren’t welcome anymore. Next year when State Park revenues are down and you’re scratching your collective asses trying to figure out where the money went, just remember you brought this upon yourselves.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s entirely possible to protect sensitive areas without completely alienating a group of people who enjoy using public, outdoor spaces.



  1. Well said! Not to mention, some of the really good cachers even help CLEAN UP the pollution on these lands!


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