Posted by: geonarcissa | September 6, 2009

Brief note on cemetery caching issue…

I sent an email to a member of the Arkansas city council mentioned a couple of posts ago. Here’s what I wrote:

I am a geocacher in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I recently saw an article about your city council considering the permissibility of geocaching on city properties, including a cemetery.

I thought you and your fellow councillors might be interested in this instance of a cemetery in the state of New York working with geocachers to mark the precise GPS locations of graves. This project makes it easier for people looking to visit graves and people doing genealogy research to find the graves they are looking for.

I understand that people are sensitive about their relatives’ final resting place being disrespected. I encourage your council to find productive ways to work with geocachers so everyone’s needs can be met in a respectful manner.

The councillor wrote back quickly to say that my comments would be shared with the rest of council. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this.



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