Posted by: geonarcissa | September 18, 2009

GPS News Tidbits

I am sick with some sort of nasty cold or flu, and also busy with geocoin orders for Canada’s Capital Cachers, but I don’t want to completely neglect the blog. I can tell from my stats that some of you are still checking every day, and that’s great.

A project at MIT is using GPS to study trash. They want to raise public awareness about where garbage goes and what happens to it, in order to encourage people to make better purchasing and disposing decisions. Very cool.

A new spin on the medical alert bracelet is using GPS to help keep track of young kids, patients with cognitive disorders, and other people who need to be tracked for medical reasons. Great idea, though I see a great deal of potential for abuse with this sort of technology.

Emerging software may soon be able to enhance GPS capability of devices without actual GPS chips. Seems like it will simply improve a device’s ability to calculate its position from cell phone towers.

The GPS who wants to be an iPhone. Anyone going to China want to snap up some cheap iPhone clones?



  1. cool iphone/gps thinggy!


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