Posted by: geonarcissa | September 18, 2009

Owner maintenance nuisances

I really hate it when people post “Needs Maintenance” because a logbook is full. Squish your name on it somehow and mention it in the log – “Needs Maintenance” is unnecessary.

Better still, be a considerate cacher and add a piece of paper to the cache if the log is full. I almost always carry some sort of paper with me when I’m caching. It’s no skin off my nose to tear a page out of a notebook and put it in the cache.

I’ve noticed that this seems to be a much bigger issue for my Kelowna caches than it is in Ottawa. I think if you did this in Ottawa, you would be mercilessly teased for it.

Honestly though, I think some people LOOK for reasons to hit “Needs Maintenance.” Grr.



  1. When people neglect the fact that the log is full, and you are the 3rd or 4th person to mention it on the log… “Needs Maintenance” is necessary (in my opinion)

    But yeah, for being the first one to say something – it might be unnecessary – but if you’re new you might not know :-/

  2. If it’s a pattern of no maintenance, then yeah. I’ve seen geocaches where the logbook was just a solid blob of wet, mashed up paper. Or micros where everyone’s already added paper and they’re too full to add more. And with nanos, it’s pretty hard to squish names on once the log sheet fills up. But half the time when I hear about a full log book, it turns out that people haven’t even been writing on the back of the pages so there’s still tons of space. Grr.


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