Posted by: geonarcissa | September 25, 2009

Stolen Geocoin?

On August 27, I received an email from the owner of this cache, notifying me that one of my geocoins was among a group of trackables that were virtually dropped into the cache, but never physically placed there.

The person who picked up these items is a user named “zabrnac” who has ONE find listed on his/her account – the same cache mentioned above. But this cache wasn’t even logged by this person until September 16. The account shows several trackables logged, the vast majority of which are now listed as missing.

This one still seems to be in someone else’s possession. As I was looking through the trackable logs, there was one with several comments on it about the TB being stolen, along with zabrnac saying that he was being libelled. I’ve gone through the logs again and can’t find this one now – perhaps the logs have been edited.

I don’t know what to make of all this. I’ve emailed this user, asking him to put my coin back into circulation, and he continues to claim that he placed it in the travel bug hotel mentioned above. It’s pretty frustrating when someone decides to go and ruin everyone’s fun with malicious behaviour like this. I’ve lost trackables in the field before, but this is the first time that one seems to have been intentionally removed like this.



  1. Thats a bummer. I have one missing too. Have you tried stating your case to groundspeak. I’m thinking they won’t do anything – but if they get enough complaints about the guy maybe?? also… I’d ask the CO of the cache he “dropped” them into if he physically signed the log?

  2. Well, you could always give the guy the benefit of the doubt… if he insists he did not steal it, then it is possible that he put it into the cache with several other coins and the cache was raided by someone else. I just don’t think that someone who stole a coin would even log that they had picked it up onto their account, which he did. He admits to having had these in his possession at some point – would you admit to that if you were going to steal them?

    You always take a chance when you send out trackables. There is no guarantee that you will ever see them again. Yes, it is negative to see it that way, but if you don’t want to lose stuff, then don’t send it out into the wild. There will always be “bad” people out there wanting to steal that stuff. But unless you have undeniable evidence that the guy stole it (i.e. you have actually SEEN these trackables in his possession), then it is unfair to accuse him.


    • I wouldn’t send out a trackable that was valuable or special to me, because of the risk of theft. I think we all understand that risk. In fact, just a couple of days ago, I posted about people using laminated cards in lieu of releasing their coins into the wild. The fact that we choose to take the risk by putting our trackables out there does NOT mean that we shouldn’t speak up when something happens to them.

      I’m not sure what’s going on, but it appears that this guy “zabrnac” is likely the one behind it. He continues to intermittently pick up bugs and then virtually drops them into the same TB hotel – the ONLY find he has logged. If he’s not the one stealing them, then it’s a pretty weird coincidence that EVERY trackable this guy has touched gets dropped into this TB hotel on different dates and then disappears.

      As I stated in my original post, “I don’t know what to make of this” but it does seem pretty likely that someone has made a fake account and is messing with people’s trackables for some reason. I’ve looked through the logs for all these trackables and contacted several people involved. The TB hotel they were supposedly dropped in is checked by the owner regularly – he takes great care to confirm the presence of each trackable, and even gives each one a fresh baggy. It is highly unlikely that they were pilfered from that particular cache.

  3. I recall reading the logs for one of the stolen trackables saying he hasn’t signed the log. On my local caching forum today, some brought up a case where a guy had stolen a bunch of trackables and was trying to sell them on eBay. He claimed he got them from a cache on private property, but it turned out that he had stolen them from several caches. He took his listing down and sent them to a cacher when they threatened to report him for selling stolen goods.


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