Posted by: geonarcissa | October 15, 2009

CCC 2009 Geocoins

For the last few months I’ve been working on getting a geocoin designed and made for my local geocaching club (Canada’s Capital Cachers). The design is a tribute to Samuel de Champlain’s famous lost astrolabe, and the Ottawa River. The design is by Geocoin Design and it will be available in an Antique Gold and Antique Nickel finish. Proceeds will go to Canada’s Capital Cachers to support events, workshops, community outreach, and CITOs. If you’re interested in ordering a coin, you can contact me for details (My Gmail account is “geonarcissa”). The coins will, of course, be trackable on

Here’s the mint’s design (click to enlarge):

CCC 2009 Geocoin

CCC 2009 Geocoin

And here’s a video of a sample coin, showing how the astrolabe spins.



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