Posted by: geonarcissa | October 24, 2009

MOSSBACK by Binthair

Yesterday (Oct.23) Taoiseach and I drove up to the eastern portion of Algonquin Park to find Binthair’s MOSSBACK geocache. It was a beautiful Fall day and we had a great time. The multi-cache involves several waypoints near the Barron River, part of which runs through an impressive canyon. Here are some pictures I took:

Narcissa at Barron Canyon

Behind me is a 100m drop - didn't want to get too close.

Taoiseach at Barron Canyon

Taoiseach with a stunning view of the canyon behind him.

MOSSBACK by Binthair

Celebratory shot at the GZ of Binthair's MOSSBACK.

We found a few other caches after finishing MOSSBACK. I really like my log for this one:

Found this with Taoiseach. I drove my Civic a little closer to this cache than was perhaps wise, but nothing bad came of it (that I’ve noticed). Our hunt was livened up further by my spectacular fall – somehow I managed to trip on a stick, fly through air, and land almost on my head. Thankfully, I wasn’t injured. Eventually Taoiseach’s newfangled GPS sorted itself out and pointed us to the right spot (thanks to model12 for the coordinate adjustment) and we had the cache in hand.

Only then did I realize that, in addition to my dignity, I had dropped my car keys when I fell. Taoiseach and I tiptoed through the leaves, looking for the keys. We both stopped in our tracks when we heard a quiet, but distinct, *CLINK*. There were my keys, obscured by leaves, at Taoiseach’s feet. I’ll never let anyone tease me about too many keychains again – that’s one DNF that really would have ruined the day.

Our second-favourite cache of the day was an old cache called Forest Lea Ski. We loved the hilarious cache container, and the terrain 4.5 rating. Here are a few pictures taken at the GZ for that cache.

Narcissa at Forest Lea Ski

Me at Forest Lea Ski

Taoiseach at Forest Lea Ski

Taoiseach with Forest Lea Ski - KITTENS!!!



  1. Looks like a fun day of caching! Glad you didn’t hurt yourself after falling and that you were able to recover your keys! Thanks for sharing you caching day!


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