Posted by: geonarcissa | October 28, 2009

Four Binthairs to Go!

I now have 40 Binthair caches under my belt. Today I went out and nabbed “F’n Math,” a relatively simple Binthair that I’ve been putting off for no good reason. I think it’s the only Binthair cache I’ve found by myself in one trip (there are others I’ve found by myself, but they required two or more trips).

I shortened the walking distance to the first waypoint by sneaking my car down a service road that I probably wasn’t supposed to be on. Judging by the amount of garbage (discarded bike, piles of tires, a sink) that I saw along the way, I think it’s used somewhat frequently.

Here are some pictures from today’s Binthair adventure.


Wee cacher at first waypoint.



Me with the logbook.



Wee cacher with F'n Math.





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