Posted by: geonarcissa | October 29, 2009

Another one bites the dust.

This afternoon, Taoiseach and I finally found Binthair’s LIFE SAVER. It wasn’t a hideous bushwhack, but I’ve been a little sedentary since August and my legs are very sore now. Here’s an amusing excerpt from my log:

After a relatively short bushwhack, we found ourselves exactly where we were when we called off the search a few months before. With the help of an old log, Taoiseach gracefully leaped across the water obstacle. Then we carefully handed the wee cacher across. Being much shorter than Taoiseach, leaping across like a gazelle wasn’t going to happen for me. I carefully stepped onto the log and tried to roll it a little closer to the opposite bank, then tried to get Taoiseach to pull me closer. That didn’t work out so well – I ended up with wet feet, and nearly impaled in the thigh with a stick. But I was across!

Three Binthairs to go!

Narcissa at LIFE SAVER

Here I am with the LIFE SAVER log book.



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