Posted by: geonarcissa | October 30, 2009

Follow up to historical society post…

It turns out that the cache in question was promptly removed by its owner long before the story hit the news. I am so tired of mediocre small-town reporters portraying geocachers as irresponsible trespassers. It would have taken this reporter very little time and effort to contact a local geocacher and get the other side of the story.

Here’s the cache owner’s side of things:

OMG! I disabled that cache as soon as I realized they didn’t want it there. There hasn’t been anyone there for weeks, nor will any cacher ever go there again.

The Lorain Visitor’s Bureau, the Lorain Historical Society, the Lorain Port Authority, and so many other wonderful groups have opened their arms to caching.

I placed that cache there before an event, and was given wrong info about being able to place it there.
I am sorry for any problem it caused, and am totally embarrassed that this has made the paper. How sad all the good we do goes unnoticed, yet something like this, which had already been taken care of, is what gets published.

Every year geocachers totally clean the park at Black River Landing as thanks for them allowing us to geocache there. Geocachers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

As for the cache I placed near the historical society, it was a plastic container at the base of a tree.
Geocaching is for families. I would never place a cache that would ever harm a child!

I do apologize for not coming back again and trying to get written permission for the cache. There was never anyone around when I was there.

How sad that a historical society isn’t open to the public!

There were NO “No Trespassing: or “Private Property” signs. Just a sign stating it was the historical society, and a parking lot. Go figure.

I’ve written a strongly-worded letter to the irresponsible, lazy reporter who published the story. I encourage other geocachers to do the same. Her email address is Here’s what I had to say to her:

I was very disappointed to see your recent article about geocachers trespassing on a historical society’s property.

The owner of the geocache had promptly removed the problem geocache long before the story was published, and it was a matter of miscommunication, not disrespect. The historical society’s property is near and adjacent to other public property that does allow geocaching, and the owner of the cache mistakenly assumed that the historical society’s property was part of the same parcel of land.

Publishing your article without talking to local geocachers is irresponsible and biased. Geocaching is a family-friendly activity that has great potential to attract new visitors to historical sites. Painting us as irresponsible, disrespectful trespassers is either vastly ignorant, or intentionally malicious.

Bad reporting makes me so mad!



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