Posted by: geonarcissa | November 2, 2009

Ontario Counties Map of Finds

With the Binthair Challenge behind me, I am looking for new geocaching goals to set for myself. First up is my 1200 milestone – just 30 finds away from that one. I’m also trying to get to 100 puzzle finds. And here’s another set of statistics for me to obsess over:

Ontario geocachers can find out how to get GSAK to create this map for you by visiting this forum thread. There are similar GSAK macros for some other regions.

I’m going on a quick trip across southern Ontario in a few weeks – looking forward to filling in a few of those white spaces!



  1. You’ve go a lot of white spaces to color in šŸ˜‰

    I plan on getting to Canada next time I’m in Detroit visiting my grandparents. I have yet to get one out of the country!


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