Posted by: geonarcissa | November 9, 2009

Campaign Medals for Geocaching

Central Ontario Geocachers have a neat site where you can tick off geocaching accomplishments that you’ve achieved, and generate virtual “campaign medals” for your profile. Some of them are specific to the area, but not all. Check it out!

Here’s mine:

PlatinumGolden Snowshoe
Ghostbuster BronzePlain Jane SilverSuper Sleuth BronzeManiacal Bronze



  1. Hi there,

    Just dropping in to say that I’ve been visiting your log for a wee while now, and I thought it was about time I said hi.
    I’m really impressed by the range of different snippets of information and news that you seem to find about geocaching and GPS related ‘stuff’!

    And I’m wondering what you are going to do now that you have found all the “Binthair” caches??


  2. Hi Annie, glad you’re enjoying the blog!

    Now that I’m done with the Binthairs, I’m working on other puzzle caches in my area, helping out with our local caching club by handling coin sales and hosting meetings, and making profile icons similar to the ones COG just put out.

    I’d like to hit my 1200 milestone, along with 100 puzzle/mystery finds, and 50 Earthcaches. And I’d like to hide a few more caches, though it’s hard to find space to do so – Ottawa is quite cache-saturated.


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