Posted by: geonarcissa | November 13, 2009

Recent caching and more bird pictures!

I’ve been grabbing caches here and there in the last couple of weeks. My mother visited me for a few days, and she’s happy to accompany me on a scenic walk but won’t tolerate an intense geocaching expedition.

Anyway, here’s me with an interesting cache container. I’m not naming the cache, and I’ve cropped the picture to hide the surprise element of the cache.

interesting container

Creative cache container.

Lately I’ve been combining caching with feeding chickadees. The other day I posted a bad cellphone picture, but now I have some better ones. These were taken while I went back to the Lime Kiln trail in Stony Swamp to finish The Flood Lime Kiln Ruins Earthcache.

chickadee in stony swamp

Chickadee having a snack.


They're so tame!



This Red-Breasted Nuthatch decided to get in on the free food.



This evening, Taoiseach and I did a Wherigo cache called “Planetary Alignment.” It was only my second Wherigo, and I loved it. The cache starts at a large, stainless-steel orb sculpture in Ottawa. For the purpose of the cache, this sculpture represents the sun and the rest of the cache demonstrates the relative size and distance of all the planets in the solar system. Each stage in the Wherigo is another planet. We could see Jupiter in the sky as we found the cache in the dark – very fitting!




  1. Was that 1st cache hard to get the log out of?

    and, besides the food… how do you get those birds to come to you!?

    • The log wasn’t hard to get out, but there’s kind of a sneaky trick to the cache so I didn’t want to show the whole thing because some local cachers read the blog. 🙂

      To get the birds, you just stand still and hold out your hand with the food. They’re really used to people coming and feeding them. As soon as we got out of the car, they were coming to see if we brought food.

  2. I love the photo with the bird flying. That came out way cool 🙂


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