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Splinterheads movie reviews



Here’s an interview with the screenwriter/director, with some thoughts about geocaching:

I’m an avid hiker so I like to pick caches that are along the route I pick – to spice things up. My last trip was in a state park in NY that is littered with abandoned ore and copper mines. We hiked to 5 different mines and found 5 caches hidden at each one. These mines were beautiful huge caves in the middle of the woods that you can walk in and explore. It was incredible that they were only 1 hour outside of New York City too. If it wasn’t for geocaching I might have never seen them.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, this movie isn’t impressing the critics at all. I know it has a hot girl geocaching in it, but you might want to wait until it’s out on DVD.



  1. I think It’d be a movie I’d like. But just by watching the previews… I could tell it wont be everyone’s “cup of tea.” It is afterall, a lower budget film. Did you ever watch “GPS” … now that sucked.

    I’m hoping splinter heads will be better. I like random movies and usually disagree with critics 😉

    • I usually like quirky, independent films, but I couldn’t stand Napoleon Dynamite (which wasn’t actually independent at all) and there seem to be a lot of comparisons. I just hope they don’t make geocaching look totally stupid.

  2. Low budget films don’t necessarily mean a film is worse than one with a zillion dollars behind it. Some of the best films ever were made for pennies. It’s all about the person behind the camera. How many good movies come out of Hollywood? Not a lot. I can tell you that Splinterheads never makes geocaching look stupid. It actually got approval from the guys that run


    p.s. Napoleon Dynamite was actually made for 300K. That is peanuts. The studio behind it spent millions in marketing to make it look bigger.

    • I’m pretty sure they could have spent 300 million on Napoleon Dynamite and it would have been just as awful. I watched 20 minutes of it and had to shut it off. And, as I said, I tend to like quirky films.

      I get the sense that budget isn’t the reason people aren’t liking Splinterheads. The critics seem to be saying that it’s just not very funny.

      • well as the director of the film I can’t agree with the critics nor all the audience member that have awarded the film best film at a few film festivals 🙂

    • BTW, thanks for dropping by my little blog to leave a comment about Splinterheads!

  3. Unfortunately, so far it doesn’t seem to be playing near me, so one way or another I’m going to have to wait before I can judge for myself.

    If it shows up in a theatre around here, bringing the geomob to see it might be fun.


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