Posted by: geonarcissa | December 20, 2009

Fourteen Finds

I spent the day caching with the geomob in and around Renfrew, ON. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and crisp but not bitterly cold (especially with all the walking we did). The snow wasn’t quite deep enough to warrant snowshoes, but it did make walking a bit strenuous. Today’s mob was fairly small, consisting of me, Taoiseach, cavecats, tcort, GeoAventuriers, Mr.Packrat, and bluelamb03.

I logged one puzzle, one multi, several traditionals, and a GPS-less find during our outing. When in doubt, follow the footprints. šŸ™‚

Here are a few pictures of our busy day.

Bonnechere Caveat GC1Z4CP

The mob under a natural limestone arch at Bonnechere Caves.

Stew Rejuiced GC204H9

We found it without dying! GC204H9 was a bit scary to get to.

Bonnechere Caveat GC1Z4CP

It was a lovely day, and the outhouses were weird.

Tcort's 500th

Tcort's 500th! I celebrated my 1200th today, and Taoiseach his 1600th.

After lunch, Taoiseach and I left the mob to run a couple of errands and make our way back to Ottawa for Tick and Nammie’s annual Christmas Present Cache. I brought the Signal cookies and a few other examples of my baking, overindulged on everyone else’s baking, and exchanged gifts with Taoiseach. I got him a geocaching t-shirt. While he very much likes the shirt, I can’t help but think that it pales in comparison to the GARMIN DAKOTA 20 he gave me!

While all the merriment and gift exchanging was going on, someone snapped this wonderful picture of me and model12 by the Christmas tree. I love how happy I look in this picture. And night pictures are cool!

Christmas Present Cache GC21H7P

Model12 and narcissa at the 2009 Christmas Present Cache!

I haven’t done much caching lately, so it was great to totally indulge in it today… but I am SOOOO tired. G’night!



  1. Congrats to everyone on the milestones! That little arch is cool! I wonder how it formed…

    • There’s an Earthcache there! GC1YZN9

      The caves aren’t open during the winter. šŸ˜¦

  2. Wow – lots of goals reached on that trip! And as Erika says – interesting rock formation.



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