Posted by: geonarcissa | January 1, 2010

A travel bug recovered…

This story is a little odd because the person who found the travel bug and the journalist who wrote the story both seem to have missed the point. I think it’s more likely that a cacher accidently dropped the travel bug, rather than left it outside of a cache for anyone to find.

It’s nice that this person took the time to look up the website and find out about the travel bug, but it must be one slow news day in Tennessee.

travel bug dog tags



  1. haha, so I really hope she doesn’t just toss it on the ground somewhere!

  2. Haha…ErikaJean had exactly my thought! Thing is, it doesn’t sound like either of them really knows how geocaching or the bugs really work :-\

  3. Well, I sure hope that someone manages to find that TB if she drops it some random place. šŸ˜¦ Poor travel bug.



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