Posted by: geonarcissa | January 7, 2010

GCDFB – 4.5lb Walleye

Geocaching celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, which means there are a handful of active caches that are almost ten years old as well. Cache aging and cache permanence are always a hot topic on geocaching forums. Around Ottawa, where cache saturation is a huge obstacle to new cache placement, there are often vigorous debates about older caches that have sentimental value but are falling into disrepair.

Here’s an interesting older cache. It was hidden in 2001, has never been found, and when you click on the “all nearby caches” link, it’s the only cache on the page! The cache owner has never logged a find, and hasn’t been able to confirm the cache’s placement for some time. I took a screen shot of the Google map to give you a sense of where it is. Sadly, this cache is probably doomed to be archived soon. Too bad… getting FTF on this one would make one heck of a great caching story!




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