Posted by: geonarcissa | January 7, 2010

News Tidbits

Travel Savvy Mom’s bit about geocaching made me laugh:

We’re not “nature” folks, but with the promise of using a high-tech device like a portable GPS unit, the two men in my life suddenly turned into Paul Bunyan.

If there’s a better way than geocaching to entice geeks into the great outdoors, I haven’t heard of it. The geekiest cachers might be attracted to this soon-to-be-released device, a cross between a Delorme GPS and a SPOT Satellite Messenger that will allow users to send (but not receive) text messages, Twitter and Facebook updates, and other similar text transmissions. Best feature? You can log caches with it! There’s a different story about it here. Anyone want to blog and cache their way across the Yukon with me next summer?

The DeLorme Earthmate(R) PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator

Lastly, this isn’t specifically GPS or geocaching related, but I was intrigued by several of the things mentioned in this VentureBeat article about 2010’s hottest products to watch.



  1. Thanks for posting that quote from my blog post about geocaching at Smuggler’s Notch! I’m glad it made you laugh! The whole experience was a great introduction to the sport, and we will definitely try it again…if for no other reason than to get more use out of those pricey hiking shoes now sitting at the back of my closet!


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