Posted by: geonarcissa | January 8, 2010

Geocaching Greasemonkey Scripts

It’s been quite a while since I installed any Greasemonkey scripts, so I took advantage of a chilly afternoon to snuggle on the couch with Taoiseach and try out a few. Here were the ones I liked.

Geocaching VIP List – This is a neat script that lets you create a VIP list of cachers whose logs are displayed in a sidebar for quick access. It also puts a smiley next to the title of the cache if you’ve found it, or a frowney if you’ve DNFed on it. There are a few other neat features with it.

geocaching vip list screenshot

Geocaching VIP List

Hint Decrypt Without Reload – I love this script. It does exactly what it says it does, and that’s that. Very handy!

Geocaching non-US Search – This cache hides fields on the search page that are not useful to cachers outside of the US. Makes the page tidier and easier to navigate. Some US users who don’t rely on all the other search fields might also appreciate this script.

non us search fields

Screenshot of non-US search fields. Map to List – Removes the topo maps link from the top of the map and replaces it with a link back to a geocache search list using the centre of the map as the origin of the search.

google map list caches link Map to List Direct Photo Links – If you find it annoying when loads pictures from cache logs, this handy script will come in handy. Instead of loading the picture in that annoying pop-up window, it just loads it like a regular link. Yay!

Geocache Tags in Flickr – I like this one. If you add the GC# of a cache as a tag on a photo you’ve uploaded to Flickr, a tiny geocaching logo appears next to the tag with a link to the cache page. Very cool!

flickr gc code tags screenshot

Geocache Tags in Flickr



  1. I’ve heard about these for geocaching (i use them in Flickr) … but i never got around to installing them.

    Thanks for all the explanations and screenshots, I’ll Have to look into them -)


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