Posted by: geonarcissa | January 17, 2010

Kazabazua and Maniwaki

Taoiseach and I drove up to Maniwaki, PQ today and found a few caches along the way. A few feet of snow adds an extra challenge to caches that would be quick and easy grabs in the summer. We found three traditionals, each of which required some searching and digging in the snow, and a rare virtual geocache that required nothing.

Our first cache of the day was this one in Kazabazua.


Then we went on to find this virtual cache. There are no logging requirements, but we took some pictures.

Blue Sea Granite 1

I was quite proud of myself for finding this cache, because Taoiseach is usually the one who finds snow caches.


It was hidden at the base of this monument.


And the monument is located across the road from this bridge.




  1. Love the green bridge shot!!!


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