Posted by: geonarcissa | January 28, 2010

Horrible News Piece About Geocaching

If you have some spare time, please read this horrible, biased article about geocaching and leave a comment to let them know what you think of this kind of sensationalist, reckless reporting.



  1. Thanks for the tip on this one. I was going to post a comment on the site but the line to get in and lay a smack-down on the author appears to be pretty deep.

    I’ll share some of my faves here, though:
    1.) The word is “pastime”, not “pass time” and it is a noun, not a verb
    2.) “…Geocaching as a hobby has been around for a few years…” Indeed. As in, 10. I suppose that constitutes a few.
    3.) “Both of the boxes News Channel 25 found were on public places…”
    – and two sentences later:
    “News Channel 25 found two places where geocaches are currently illegally placed.”
    So which is it?

    Thanks again for the link. This is hitting a new low.


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