Posted by: geonarcissa | February 8, 2010

FTF Geocacher: magazine review

I was pleased to receive my first issue of FTF Geocacher in the mail last week. I was particularly happy that I wasn’t charged additional fees for shipment to Canada! I also received a pathtag with my copy.

The magazine is aesthetically pleasing. Though the inside content is in black and white, the layout is eye-catching and there are plenty of pictures. There were few ads, though I expect the ads will increase in number as the magazine establishes itself. There is a good variety of content, from short, light-hearted snippets to longer, serious articles. The content is also well-selected to appeal to a broad range of geocachers, from the casual newcomer to the seasoned old-timer.

On the downside, it seemed hastily edited and I spotted several typos. In a magazine with few pages and such light content, there’s no excuse for so many errors to get through the proofreading stage. On top of that, the writing wasn’t always magazine quality. I hope that they’re able to procure better-written content – or at least better editing – for future issues. On a personal note, I felt that the excerpt from my blog was clumsily selected. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with grabbing content from the many geocaching blogs (and they did have my permission), but I expect a print magazine to have a higher standard of editing than a personal blog.

Despite the shortcomings, I did enjoy the magazine and plan to bring it with me to some geocaching events I’m attending in the coming weeks.



  1. I like the idea of a magazine, but I much prefer the blogs on the internet. Plus, thats free… and I’m cheap! lol

    In this day and age when print media is disappearing – I just can’t wrap my head around it.

    But congrats on getting one of your posts in it! which on was it??

  2. It was the one about the Signal cookies. It is nice to see it in print.

  3. Interesting. When I emailed the publisher, he said they weren’t shipping to Canada. Guess they changed their minds.

    • Publisher chiming in here: The subscriptions link I set up on PayPal somehow let a dozen or so international subscriptions slip through despite the fact I set it up for delivery in the US only. Shipping overseas at a first class rate was prohibitively expensive but Canada was just 69 cents extra so I decided to fulfill those subscriptions. I am still trying to get a firm price on the cost of overseas bulk rate shipping from the printer and will update the website when those prices are available. I apologize for the confusion. Our goal is to offer the magazine worldwide, but the hand work required to ship pathtags and trackable seals, along with uncertaintly in the number of initial subscribers, forced us to ship the premier issue at the more expensive first class rate.

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