Posted by: geonarcissa | March 1, 2010

North Carolina proposes geocaching ban on some lands

Due in part to the careless placement of an ammo can cache, North Carolina may ban physical geocaches from lands designated as Wilderness, Experimental Forests, or Wild and Scenic River Corridors.

There’s an ongoing discussion about this topic in the North Carolina geocachers’ forum.



  1. I am really sorry to hear about this. Geocaching is one of the most fun and interesting activities out there today. It doesn’t cost a lot of money…it get’s people off he couch and out of the house…and it helps people appreciate the environment. I understand the cliche “one bad apple….”, but putting a ban on all geocaching on public lands is outrageous. After all, it is we who pay for those lands to be public isn’t it? I’m just sayin’….?


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