Posted by: geonarcissa | March 7, 2010

Stony Swamp Redemption

In November, I headed out to Stony Swamp on a caching excursion that turned into an epic fail.

Today, we redeemed ourselves by actually finding Three’s Company. Taoiseach can’t log the find until he puts together his own group of three, but he graciously took a picture of the happy finders.

Stony Swamp Caching

Epic win!

With that cache behind us, we moved along to an Ottawa classic, “I Am The Swamp Monster.” The name should tell you what the terrain conditions are like for most of the year. Today, however, there was still enough snow and ice on the swamp to make it an easy crossing and a quick grab. G_Fours had already found this cache, so he took a picture of the rest of us.

Stony Swamp Caching

I love this picture - wee cacher's doing his best impersonation of a gangsta rapper, while Taoiseach's working on his Zoolander face, and G_Fours' kid is whispering something about "my precious."

My legs still hurt from yesterday.



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