Posted by: geonarcissa | March 8, 2010

Trouble in the air?

I got a pingback on one of my recent posts because of this blog entry hinting that the NCC is looking at the impact of geocaching on its lands. As far as I know, the geocaching community in Ottawa-Gatineau has not been contacted about this. I sincerely hope that this is merely conjecture, and that the NCC isn’t planning to ban or restrict geocaching without first talking to geocachers. The suggestion that infrequently-visited geocaches are “garbage” is offensive, but sadly typical and indicative that the person behind that post has not made any attempt to learn about geocaching or geocachers.



  1. Sorry if I inadvertently caused offense. I certainly did not mean to.

    My comment is not conjecture. The NCC is currently undertaking a Recreation Management Planning exercise. The do ongoing research on who’s using the park and how. Me, I’m just a keen observer.

    I don’t think their objective is to unthinkingly ban activities but prevent the area they are charged with protecting from ecological damage.

    There has been some quiet chatter indicating that their marching orders (the Gatineau Park Master Plan circa 2005) are too highly focused on conservation to the exclusion of consideration of users. But that is a matter for the next master plan consultations (and I encourage people’s input).

    In the past the NCC has sought MOUs (memorandum’s of understanding) with groups representative of various user activities (rock climbing, mountain biking are examples). I would expect they’d want to do the same with geocaching if they thought to make a move to restrict activities. Is there an association or anything for Ottawa/Gatineau geocachers?

    • Yes, we have a group called “Canada’s Capital Cachers.” I think the NCC is aware of our existence, but perhaps they need to be reminded.

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