Posted by: geonarcissa | April 20, 2010

Another LPC bomb scare, complete with bomb squad.

This is why it's important to get permission before you hide a cache on private property.

Seriously people, it’s time for geocachers to wake up and realize that parking lots in front of stores are PRIVATE PROPERTY. That means you NEED PERMISSION.

Perhaps the reviewers should clamp down on this, but I guess they’re all swamped with submissions of ridiculous power trails. That’s a rant for another day.

I’m still recovering from bronchitis, so the blog is probably going to be a little spotty for another little while. I refer you to the many other lovely geobloggers in my blogroll to the right of your screen.



  1. You are so right. When are reviewers going to ask cache submitters for evidence of explicit permission before allowing a parking lot cache? Groundspeak really needs to do something and can do something. Most cachers wouldn’t miss LPCs, the fewer the better.


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