Posted by: geonarcissa | April 22, 2010

Geocaching news round-up.

My bronchitis is clearing up nicely, but I’m still feeling pretty weak and tired. On top of that, I got food poisoning the other day after eating at Bayshore’s Thai Express. Bleh.

There’s been a lot of attention focused on the recent Anaheim bomb scare. As well, the geocaching world has been abuzz with speculation about Paul Repak, the accused cache thief in New York’s Adirondack region. Here are some more positive stories about (or relevant to) geocaching.

1. One environmentally-conscious geocacher has come up with a neat idea – using geocaches to trade and distribute tree seeds. Visit for instructions on creating Geocache-A-Forest DIY Kit.

2. Lockheed Martin has announced that it is on schedule with much-needed upgrades to the GPS satellite system. The overhaul is projected to be launched in 2014. Despite what some recent sensational media reports have been saying, the sky isn’t falling, and neither are the GPS satellites.

3. This one’s gotten quite a bit of coverage lately: the Boy Scouts are incorporating geocaching into their 100th anniversary festivities with a new geocaching merit badge. You can also read about it at Scouting Magazine.

4. The second issue of FTF Geocacher is hitting mailboxes this week. I got mine yesterday. So far I’ve only had time for a quick look, but so far I’m impressed, and pleased to see an improvement over the first issue. What I like most about the magazine is that it shows geocaching in a positive light. With all the bomb scares and weird geocaching haters around lately, it’s nice to have some good publicity.



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