Posted by: geonarcissa | May 19, 2010

Geocaching and GPS in the news.

Just cleaned out my inbox, which means it’s time for another link round-up!

GPS inventor Roger L. Easton was recently inducted into the US National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Once nearly extinct, the whooping crane is still an endangered species. Now researchers are using GPS tracking to learn more about this migratory bird.

Here’s an interesting article musing about GPS on the iPad. As a big fan of the iPod Touch, I could see myself owning one of these some time in the future.

This link is for Taoiseach: geocaching in Wales. ūüėČ

Garmin’s stock threatened by GPS competitors.

It seems that most of the geocaching news that comes out of Texas is negative, but here’s something different. Texas State Parks are using a geocaching challenge to attract visitors. Awesome!

And here’s another happy story about a county tourism organization in New Jersey that’s been given an award for using geocaching to promote tourism. It is fantastic to see organizations like this recognizing the potential of geocaching, instead of being ignorant and reactionary.

I saved the best for last… mallcaching?



  1. Mallcaching it is then… I’m in!!!


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