Posted by: geonarcissa | June 14, 2010

COG Spring Fling VI – Hooray!

Just a quick post after a wonderful weekend!

I drove for miles and miles.

I found ~40 geocaches (NINE different types!).

I met dozens of fantastic people.

I slept in a tent through a thunderstorm, and didn’t get wet.

I got to spend lots of quality time with Taoiseach.

And I won a brand new Garmin Oregon 450t!

I’ll post more – lots more – tomorrow.

COG Spring Fling - Winner!



  1. wooo! Congrats on your win! Awesome! And what kind of tent kept you dry – amazing! lol

    • Just an Ozark Trail tent I’ve had for a few years. We tossed a tarp on top before we went to sleep.

  2. […] to the event with plenty of time left to socialize and participate in the final door prize raffle (WHICH I WON). The parking lot was FULL of geocaches with TB tags on them. I also spotted this awesome license […]


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