Posted by: geonarcissa | June 17, 2010

Praise for a Geocache Container

I have this in my previous post, but I think it deserves its own post.

We found this cache in a fairly muggle-heavy area. It’s near a lock in downtown Bobcaygeon, and the area is crawling with boaters, cottagers, and other tourists. The cache is hidden in a nice wooded area, out of site of the picnic tables, but with many boaters likely using this little trail to stretch their legs, it’s still at a moderate-to-high risk for muggling.

Spring Fling Road Trip - Day 2

The cache is well hidden – it’s always a treat to find a regular-sized cache in a high muggle area where most cache owners would opt for a micro. The container is transparent, clearly marked as a geocache with contact information, and has the coordinates on a tag.

This is how you avoid bomb scares, folks.

While I’m talking about geocache containers, I’d like to take a moment to mention Gearpods, a company that makes some nifty containers. They’re modular, watertight, transparent, and affordable. They’ve sent me some of their containers to check out. I brought them with me to the Spring Fling last weekend, where several cachers were able to get their hands on them. I’ll also be bringing them with me to the Maritime Geobash in July.

So far, most of the people I’ve showed them to have been intrigued, but would like to know how they stand up to some of the usual elements and conditions geocaches have to withstand. I’ll be putting at least one of these out soon as a trial cache, but I was thinking it would neat to put them through some other tests. If you have any experience with these containers, or suggestions for trials you’d like to see them put through, leave a comment!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more, Gearpods were recently reviewed at this sea kayaking blog, and at

Here's what they look like.



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