Posted by: geonarcissa | June 25, 2010

Nifty geocaching and GPS news from the last month or so.

Just combed through the backlog of news stories and blog articles, and here’s what I found intriguing.

First, I’m going to plug Latitude 47, the Official Blog of I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s still pretty new and there’s some neat stuff there straight from the lily-pad.

Last week I asked Taoiseach if he’d ever known anyone who geocached with a Forerunner. Apparently, some people do. Doesn’t sound half-bad for a casual geocaching unit.

Some community groups and  tourism boards in Virginia have formed a partnership and obtained grant money to open a geocaching trail near the Blue Ridge Parkway, a National Park where geocaching is currently banned. I first read about this on this blog by a veteran park ranger. More information about the trail can be found here.

Driving around in a Subaru, using GPS to measure glaciers… sounds like an awesome job!

Not at all related to geocaching, but here’s a GPS-collar for your cat that sends updates to Twitter. Um, what?

Here’s an article in the Washington Post about why Google Maps and GPS might be bad for our brains.

This sounds really awesome – a portable fuel cell that can charge a phone, GPS, or iPod with… water?

A county in Idaho is recruiting geocachers to help locate noxious weeds.

Here’s an article in The Atlantic about Garmin’s foray into smart phones. I think it seriously underestimates the demand and usefulness of dedicated GPS units.

There’s been a little bit of controversy in some local forums about this Alberta community receiving a federal grant of $271K to develop a tourism program that focuses on geocaching. I think it’s great to see this game getting wider recognition in positive ways.



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