Posted by: geonarcissa | June 26, 2010

Madawaska, Ontario – GC1P9Y8

When I was looking at geocaches for our camping trip last week, this one jumped out at me. An old mill? Scary logging roads? Sweet!

We managed to get the car pretty close to the cache, though it’s about 400m down a trail from the road. The trail was flat, not rocky, and had obviously been traversed by vehicles before, and my Honda made it down with no problems (unlike some other roads we went on that day). Still, I can’t wait to have my Subaru – AWD and a tiny bit more clearance will make a big difference.

The hordes of deer flies could not contain my excitement as I spotted this relic. I just love finding old cars rotting out in the woods.





As always, I showed my dad the pictures to see if he could tell what it was. Didn’t take him long to pinpoint it as a Ford, likely 1929-1931, similar to this one.

The deer flies were starting to get a bit vicious, so we thought we should find our way to the GZ. We got distracted when we spotted these ruins rising out of the bush. I haven’t been able to identify who owned the mill, but it was in all likelihood a sawmill and probably operated for decades. There’s older stone construction, but also concrete that would have been much newer. This area was built on the lumber industry, and there was once a railway connecting these small communities to Ottawa.








Once we had a good look around, we found the cache – it was a nice hide – and then got back to the car. The cache hadn’t been found in more than a year (though the owners checked on it in the Spring). I’ve added it to my list of favourite caches. What a fantastic place.


The scenery along these remote logging roads is a treasure unto itself.





  1. reclaimed ruins and rusty things in the woods – combined with stunning views – my favourite type of cache…..if I ever get back out to Canada, this one’s going on my list!


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