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Wilberforce – Geocaching Capital of Canada?

I spent a few summers in Wilberforce as a kid. It’s a beautiful place, with deep, clear lakes for swimming, and endless opportunities for exploring. As far as geocaching goes, however, it’s of middling quality.

A few years back, someone had the great idea to dub it the “Geocaching Capital of Canada” in order to attract geocachers to visit and spend there. Wilberforce has been a bit of a joke with Canada’s Capital Cachers ever since, because Ottawa boasts a high concentration of high quality geocaches (the highest in Ontario) of all types AND we’re the nation’s capital. This recent analysis of Ontario’s geocaches tells the story with hard numbers: Haliburton County has a grand total of 215 geocaches, compared to Ottawa’s 1741. Not that I blame them for trying to drum up traffic to their area, it’s just something many of us tend to snicker at when it comes up.

We had a nice afternoon in Wilberforce, but the geocaches weren’t particularly memorable, with one exception. We did find one partially-buried, glaring guideline violation just waiting for the wrong muggle to find it. And then the owner told me off for mentioning it in my log. Good times, good times.

I did have a nice time re-visiting a place full of happy memories, and I took some nice pictures. So, Wilberforce wasn’t a bust, but it certainly isn’t the “real” geocaching capital to this CCCer.





We used to jump off this culvert into the river, let the current carry us through it, and then scramble back up and jump again.


My love of rusty, abandoned vehicles streaks again.


I spent many happy hours swimming and sunning myself at this little lake just outside of Wilberforce. It was great to see it again.


Lame tourist shots with the sign. Taoiseach’s face says it all.



I was pleased to see the old Red and White store is still operating. Not sure what purpose the coordinates serve once I’m already there.


Stealth required at the local drinking hole.




  1. true, Ottawa does have more caches then Haliburton Highlands, and yes, some of the caches in Wilberforce are pokey, BUT I will argue the following:

    How hard would it be however to take Ottawa, and convince every business to change its firenumbers to GPS coordinates? Convince Town council to put up signs welcoming geocachers, and get 100% of the community to KNOW-of (if not fully support) the idea of geocaching?

    I think if Ottawa claimed itself to be geocaching capital of Canada, they would have a lot of work ahead of them. There is no way Ottawa could drum up the community support the way Wilberforce has.

    Highest Density? no. Most Welcoming – I would argue yes.

    PS – I am not from Wilberforce, but I have actually been there once.


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