Posted by: geonarcissa | June 30, 2010

Al Capone’s Quadeville Hideout – GCVY30

This is one awesome place for a geocache. Local legend has it that this cabin was built as a hideout for Al Capone and his family. The property is mostly used as private hunting grounds by the owner, and the cabin is more-or-less open to any explorer who happens across it. By all appearances, it’s also a popular spot for partying and squatting.

I spoke to the cache owner about this cabin yesterday, and he told me some more fascinating things about it. Now I want to go back and explore it again! If I do, I’ll bring a tripod so I can get some better pictures of the interior in natural light. I had to crank the ISO rating way up to take these pictures, and they’re still pretty dark. My hands shake (familial tremor), so I can’t get away with slower shutter speeds by hand the way some people can.

By all appearances, it’s still a sturdy cabin. I’d love to own something like this, even without the Al Capone story behind it!



The inside is a mess, but there are nice details beneath.




At one point, I think there would have been stairs going down this hole into the basement.



Here’s Taoiseach with the actual geocache, which is hidden some distance away from the property.




  1. That is reallly really cool! One of those palces you’d never see if you weren’t caching

  2. I loved seeing this! The cabin originally belonged to my great uncle who was a Jessup, Ive heard the Al Capone stories since I was a little girl and Im 51 now.

    • Hello

      I would like to contact Kim O’Connor to find out what the stories are that she has heard. My family is from Gananoque and I have heard stories too,

      Karen Lee

  3. My in-laws Marie and Earl Schison lived in that cabin in 1957. Earl Schison has passed away, but Marie is still alive. They talked about that cabin all the time.

  4. My grandfather owned the farm next to this cabin and was hired to help build it from basement to roof top. He was hired by someone other then the intended owner so never met the actual owner and my grandfather sold his farm and moved away shorthy after the building was complete.