Posted by: geonarcissa | July 2, 2010

Don’t leave home without a helmet.

There’s a ridiculous story on an ABC news website cautioning about the dangers of geocaching. Apparently some n00bs went geocaching in a sketchy area and ran into a cop who told them that a body had been found nearby… several weeks before. Well, heavens to betsy. Guess we’d better call off the whole game.

There’s a reason that geocaches are accompanied by descriptions, logs, and attributes. Take responsibility for your own safety, folks. If an area seems sketchy or sets off your personal alarm bells, leave.



  1. Well said! People are stupid though and don’t know when to just quit…ugh.

  2. Most often the victim was dumped in the woods not killed there.

  3. I wonder how this even became a newsworthy story? Sounds like channel 13 was running low on material. I wonder if Che would go there?

  4. There are plenty of stories about geocachers FINDING bodies, let alone tramping around where bodies have previously been found. Geocachers also find drug stashes, fields of marijuana, and who knows what else.

    While I’d prefer to avoid anything like this, coming across someone committing a crime or tripping over someone’s drug lab is far more dangerous than finding a body.

    But I’m not going to cower in my closet every day worrying about these things. Fear-mongering is the bread and butter of news agencies like this. Statistically speaking, the world we live in (at least in North America) is substantially SAFER than it was 50 years ago.

  5. Everyday we leave our homes and go out in the big bad world. We could be buying milk at Macs & some strung out junkie decides to rob it, boom your shot dead. A drunk business mows you down in his BMW. I too am not going to cower under my bed or live in fear, I enjoy being outside too much. I agree with sumajman, slow news day & ol’ Gino had dig up some unbelievably dull story and sensationalize it. Sorry gotta go for a bike ride before the loonies come out šŸ˜‰

  6. I don’t think the story itself is that ridiculous since it does provide some good advice. What is ridiculous is the choice of spin they put it.

    Instead of focusing on the benefits of geocaching (like, getting people off their couches away from sensationalist journalism), they try to terrorize people by blowing a relative minor event out of proportion.

    Must have been a slow news-day. Or, maybe these “journalists” really think they are some kind of heroes for being this to everyone’s attention?

    • What’s the “good advice” in this story? I see nothing but sensationalism and fear-mongering. Encouraging people to be afraid of their own shadows is not good advice.

      • Basically, the geocaching guy they intervued said pretty much what you said above (read the logs, read the descriptions, etc.). If the journalists had been interested in balanced news reporting, they might have included some positive things about the sport too. Most likely they edited that out in oder to up the scare factor. Shame on them.


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